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You’ve probably noticed this yourself. Are there mistakes in your revenue reports? Are your customer profiles a bit skinny? Are your forecasts as accurate as they should be?

These are all common signs of low CRM adoption. They’re also annoying problems that never really get solved.

But they shouldn’t be ignored. Because low CRM adoption is a big problem. People don’t use solutions they don’t like and if no one’s using your CRM, then your business misses out on sales and revenue.

But addressing low adoption is a difficult challenge. There are so many potential root causes. Is it your sales peoples’ fault? Is it your rollout strategy? Or, worst of all, is it the tech itself?

This eBook will help you answer these questions.

It explains why salespeople avoid CRMs and the root causes behind low adoption. It also homes in on the number one adoption killer and how you can address it.

By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll have a clear idea of whether you’re dealing with an easily-addressable issue or a major problem. And in either case, you’ll know how to solve it.

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