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Immedion Maintains Always-On, Secure Data Centers, Stops DDoS Attacks with Kentik Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly reliant on cloud and data center providers that host their mission-critical applications and data. With bad actors constantly looking for opportunities to disrupt or penetrate those providers’ networks, real-time network visibility and threat alerting are imperative. That’s why Immedion chose Kentik to help maintain high customer satisfaction and provide always-on, accessible, secure services.

Download this case study to learn how this cloud, data center, and managed services provider leverages Kentik for:

  • Real-time detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks
  • Improved network visibility and security across 7 distributed datacenters
  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Improved commitment to SLAs

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Optimize Human Capital, Processes & Performance with Operational Data Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

Just as the industrial world is transforming at a rapid clip, so too are industrial workforces. Old knowledge is walking out the door. Young talent is demanding new approaches to old processes. Smart businesses are capitalizing on this moment of change.

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Cloud Architecture Best Practices: Using the Right Tools Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

Building a cloud application is like building a house. If you don’t at least acknowledge the industry’s best practices, it may all come tumbling down.

In the construction industry, principles to ensure a building is constructed effectively are documented in the International Building Code. In the realm of cloud infrastructure, Amazon has pioneered the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The Framework is something like a building code, established as a set of best practices for cloud architecture.

Download this Kentik whitepaper to learn about:

  • An overview of the AWS Well-Architected Framework: Principles, the “Five Pillars” (operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimization), and related best practices
  • How the Framework applies to networking — a critical part of cloud architecture
  • How Kentik can help organizations effectively implement these best practices

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The State of Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Network Management, 2019 Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

Humans and manual processes can no longer keep pace with network innovation, evolution, complexity, and change. To understand what’s being done about this networking challenge, particularly regarding automation, Kentik conducted a survey of more than 380 industry professionals.

Learn how other network professionals are thinking about adoption and readiness for automation, AI, AIOps, and machine learning and how your organization can prepare.

Download this report for key findings and analysis including:

  • Network automation is taking shape: 85% of respondents said their organization has one or more types of automation, and yet only 27% of respondents said their organization is “extremely prepared” or “very prepared” for full automation.
  • The energy sector leads the network automation trend. Healthcare and government are behind the curve.
  • Networking processes such as compliance and incident response are least likely to be automated. 53% of respondents are using automation for network configuration—the only area to receive a majority response.
  • Network professionals plan to use AIOps tools to improve their network monitoring, management, and analytics capabilities.
  • And much, much more.

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Confessions of a CFO Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

In this white paper, you’ll read about the secret truths that CFOs are loath to admit; the things that keep them up at night. More important, however, is how Sage Intacct can help you respond to these challenges.

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A 2020 Buyer’s Guide to Metal Fabrication Software Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

Software Advice’s 2020 Metal Fabrication Buyer’s Guide covers a variety of topics, pulled directly from real software buyers confused on what to look for when making a purchase.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What Is Metal Fabrication System Software?
  • A Comparison of Top Metal Fabrication Solutions
  • What Does Metal Fabrication Software Cost?
  • Overview of Metal Fabrication Features
  • What Type of Buyer Are You?

In addition to your download, you’ll be able to chat with an advisor in your industry and get personalized software recommendations. Software Advice guides you to your top software so you can feel confident in your choice. Get real advice from real people.

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A Meaningful Response to #MeToo Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

This playbook will delve into what HR departments can do to move their organizations from a rhetorical #MeToo response to actions that make a real impact in preventing sexual harassment. We’ll explore some of the challenges to creating a harassment-free workplace, the importance of creating a supportive workplace culture and the benefits of implementing an effective anti-harassment training program.

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3 Keys for Creating an Experience-Centric Business Model Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

Business leaders who focus on client experience have 100x higher revenue.* If you’re a successful financial professional, you’re probably devoted to exceptional service, which is why you might be wondering whether you really need to worry about client experience. You think you are probably already doing it. But that may not be true. 

Client experience is bigger than just service. It’s an intentional discipline that requires attention to a client’s every interaction with your organization.

Download this white paper now for three keys for creating an experience-centric business, including how to:

  • Understand your clients through data acquisition and management.
  • Invest in success, including time and monetary resources.
  • Create experiences, both in person and digitally.

With a clearer understanding of the differences between service and client experience, you can shift your focus toward sophisticated, revenue-boosting experiences this year!


*Hotjar Team. (2019, Oct. 11). CX trends for 2019. Malta: Hotjar. Retrieved from

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Discover The Next Generation Of Data Processing Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

Conventional ETL can’t keep up with the volume and velocity of data in today’s enterprises. Professionals looking to increase speed and efficiency need to move away from traditional ETL tools if they want to succeed in the digital transformation age. But what does the future of extract transform load look like?

Get Equalum’s eGuide “Discover The Next Generation of ETL” for an examination of:

– Current and projected ETL challenges
– Data beaming (what it is and why you should care)
– Common data extraction and migration problems facing enterprises

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The Secret Brain Science of Content Optimization Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

Understanding the psychology of how people interact with online content, and what really drives their decision making, will help you supercharge your content.

Read this exclusive report by digital behavioral psychologist, Dr Jillian Ney, to learn how social data can help you understand your customer’s mindset, and how to create content that will successfully draw them into your sales funnel.

  • Understand the changing science of marketing
  • What makes content attention grabbing?
  • Social data’s role in content creation

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