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Email Nurturing

Email Nurturing: The PMH Tec Difference

Lead Nurturing Strategy

Writing effective emails can help cultivate strong leads and weed out prospects that are truly not interested.  The core component of nurturing is the email sequences, which are a series of steps and out interactions guided through the emails to help guide a perspective client into a client.

The more targeted information you have and use the better the overall results will become.  Using lead scoring based on previous emails, calls, etc. and trigger based/auto responder emails help develop a continued interaction with prospects.

Nurturing is not about selling directly, although we do want to have a specific offer/goal of the campaign in mind.  It is about helping the prospect understand and educating them about their options by giving them knowledge to make an informed decision.

Common Practices for nurturing Emails

When creating a nurturing program it is more than just sending an email or a series of emails.  It provides a way to develop a relationship between the prospect and us.  It also provides a non-invasive approach to offer a solution to the prospect.

  • Emails are personalized and relevant to the prospect.
  • Educate, inform and help.
  • Allow an opportunity to connect, phone, web form, landers, etc.
  • Help with re-engaging a lost prospect.
  • Offer a next step, which will in turn trigger for another sequence.
  • Identify and define the objective of the campaign, keeping it realistic.
  • Understanding the prospect profile and segment based on the content needs.
  • Understand the buying cycles of each prospect and determine what and how to move them through the phases.
  • Minimize branding and keep content conversational and engaging to take action or leave them anticipating what the next email will have.
  • Develop corresponding landing pages that correlate the message of the email to what is seen on the lander.
  • Implement small manageable campaigns, measure results and refine and expand.

Basic Steps for a Successful Nurturing Sequence

This is the approach we take when creating email campaigns for our clients.  If you would like to learn more, contact us today.


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