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How Legal Teams in Railroads Can Gain Control Over the Contracting Process With Contract Intelligence Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

Contracts sit at the core of the railroad ecosystem. Anything from maintenance of a track under the obligations of a lease agreement, to right-of-way contracts or settling of employee litigation requires that a contract be drafted, approved, signed, stored, and potentially accessed again at a future date. This makes effective contract management vital for railroads to meet minimum regulatory criteria, understand market value, and mitigate legal risks.

And legal teams are the custodians of the contract.

With a market valuation of nearly $ 80 billion (Freight Railroad Administration), the U.S freight rail industry has witnessed a significant transformation through the digitalization of its business processes. Despite the technological advancements made by railroads today, many companies still rely on Excel, SharePoint, and other tools (such as content management systems) to handle rail contracts.

This Industry Perspective takes a deep dive into how legal departments in both freight and passenger railroads can gain more control over the entire contract management process with cloud-based contract management solution. The outcomes of this include:

  • Visibility into contracting processes
  • Accelerate speed-to-contract
  • Rapid execution and authoring of contracts
  • Consistency in contract authoring
  • Adherence to industry regulators and contract terms

Contracting is an indispensable element of many railroad industry processes. Through digital contract management, it’s possible to gain more value from your contracts. Download your copy of the Industry Perspective today to learn more!

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Top 5 Benefits of Cloud-Based Contract Management for Rail Procurement Teams Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

Contracts sit at the heart of engagement between procurement teams and vendors. Yet they don’t only represent tangible agreements between 2 parties, they also present the potential for commercial gain as well as risk. There are payment and other contractual obligations to be met, bids, and proposals to track.

Recent changes in the supply chain due to the COVID-19 pandemic have created brought risk management into the limelight and could lead to a more diverse supply base, deeper and longer-term investment in the success of key suppliers in order to provide more reaction time to disruption. Safeguarding your business from revenue loss is never more critical than now, and that involves making decisions that are good for the business when it comes to managing contracts.

In this Industry Perspective, we take a hard look at the digital opportunities available to produce the sort of agile response to disruptions and mitigation of risks when it comes to procurement (including sourcing and leasing) and contracting. And we outline what we see are 5 leading benefits of cloud-based contract management for rail procurement teams:

  1. Mitigate sourcing risks and negotiate better deals
  2. Analyze procurement events for compliance and risk avoidance
  3. Acquire better deals
  4. Standardize vendor onboarding processes
  5. Accelerate procurement with self-service contracting

Interested? Download a free copy of the article to dive in more. 

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Benefits In A Pandemic: What HR Leaders Need To Know Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

The impact of COVID hit far and wide, and with so much change and uncertainty at work and home, employees are struggling to cope with isolation, loneliness and added stress. They’re also looking for more flexibility to juggle new responsibilities like working from home and virtual learning. And to make matters worse, the added stress and anxiety is leading to burnout. In the end, employees may wonder if their employer is doing enough to help.

This is an opportunity to come through for your people. It’s an opportunity to listen to their needs and reevaluate your benefits offerings to make sure they deliver real value. With the right guidance and planning, your benefits program can be an unbeatable competitive advantage that drives retention and helps your company live up to its ideals and stand out from the crowd.

As you prep for open enrollment and beyond, we’ve created this guide with insights into the non-traditional benefits you can implement to support your employees when they need it the most. Inside, we examine how the pandemic has changed the benefits landscape and we highlight new benefits offerings that prioritize mental health, flexibility, wellness and an equal balance between work and home.

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The Art & Science of Virtualizing Events for Nonprofits Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

Nonprofits have traditionally relied on events to build deeper relationships with their supporters. Yet ongoing requirements for social distancing have created an unexpected need for nonprofit to reimagine their events strategies in order to stay solvent and continue to meet their mission. Hear from a panel of nonprofit marketing executives as they share the specific strategies they’ve implemented to:

  • Evolve their gala or peer-to-peer event strategy from convening face to face to convening virtually
  • Drive awareness and registration for their events in a digital-first world
  • Build constituent journeys that continue to engage attendees at the conclusion of their events
  • Integrate virtualized events into their long-term organizational strategy

Watch this webinar to hear what’s worked, what hasn’t, and the best practices they’ve learned along their journey.

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Learn Computer Forensics ($24.99 Value) FREE for a Limited Time Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

Starting with an overview of forensics and all the open source and commercial tools needed to get the job done, you’ll learn core forensic practices for searching databases and analyzing data over networks, personal devices, and web applications. You’ll then learn how to acquire valuable information from different places, such as filesystems, e-mails, browser histories, and search queries, and capture data remotely. As you advance, this book will guide you through implementing forensic techniques on multiple platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and macOS, to demonstrate how to recover valuable information as evidence. Finally, you’ll get to grips with presenting your findings efficiently in judicial or administrative proceedings.

By the end of this book, you’ll have developed a clear understanding of how to acquire, analyze, and present digital evidence like a proficient computer forensics investigator.

Offer expires 11/11/2020.

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AVIS Russmann Case Study: Data-driven Digital Transformation of a Car Rental Business Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

Russmann is a vehicle hire business, the largest AVIS Budget Licensee in Germany. In 2016 the company understood the need of redesigning their operational processes to improve cost-effectiveness and increase the fleet utilisation rate. Russmann contracted ELEKS as a technology partner delivering expert software engineering and consultancy services.

The system that ELEKS created for Russmann enables a single-point orchestration of all the customer’s previously disconnected systems. The solution provides centralised fleet management, data-driven car disposition, and fleet planning. It uses Data Science to predict the weekly demand for car rentals and makes suggestions on how to move the fleet between the stations to meet the forecasted need.

Results and highlights:

  • Automated operations and management tasks
  • Cost saving with optimised vehicle idle time
  • Increased car rental utility rate
  • Centralized fleet management
  • MVP delivery within 2 month

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Differentiate with Data for Auto Success Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

Data isn’t just driving the future of the automotive industry. It’s the now. Connected and self-driving vehicles are disrupting traditional industry models, creating new and innovative partnership opportunities between automotive manufacturers (OEMs), auto insurance providers and financial institutions. In this eBook, Acxiom explores exactly what consumers want from connected vehicles and in-vehicle services including:

  • Five key trends powered by consumers demanding more from automotive services
  • What you should be doing to maintain consumer trust
  • Key recommendations that will help you shift your company’s strategy into overdrive

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Solving Critical Engineering Challenges for Electric Vehicles Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

Modern manufacturers are rewriting the rules of vehicle operation as they shift from manual, mechanical platforms to autonomous, electric ones.

A few of the innovations include:

  • High-performance propulsion systems driven by densely packed battery arrays.
  • Autonomous and safety systems powered by complex radar and vision systems.
  • Vehicle connectivity through machine-to-machine communication with powerful antennas and sensors.

These new systems present tremendous challenges for engineering.

Manufacturers are looking to resolve big problems with many variables, like boosting battery life and capacity, raising the power generated from electric motors, avoiding thermal runaway of battery fires after a crash, and testing complex radar and vision systems.

Simulation can help you gain an accurate view of which design variables affect performance. But enabling early, frequent, and pervasive analyses of physics to see which satisfies the requirements in these electrification scenarios is no simple task.

Most organizations use a disjointed and manual approach involving a cobbled-together combination of spreadsheets, documents, shared drives, computer-aided design (CAD) applications, and simulation tools.

You are left with a high probability of inaccuracies due to manual entry and propagation of revisions, unclear requirements, and no connectivity between tools. You also have no controlled process to share near real-time information with engineers in other disciplines, such as in electrical and electronics.

In the end, you end up with multiple rounds of revisions, project delays, and costly errors. You can lose hours, if not days or even weeks, of your time and productivity while missing the product release deadline.

Digital Design Simulation is a powerful tool to help you uncover solutions to all of these challenges. With this process you can make a significant difference in creating optimized designs. But instead of just telling you, let’s walk you through the process.

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AI Governance: Concepts, Criteria, and Credibility Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

This is a free 1-hour webinar from GigaOm Research. While digitally-mature companies are busily implementing their data governance initiatives, the notion of AI governance is just now gaining awareness in the enterprise. Many organizations are still consumed with getting AI into production and may see governance as merely a “nice-to-have.” But there are strategic, ethical, and competitive reasons to start thinking about it now.

In this 1-hour webinar, you will learn:

  • The roles of responsible AI and model management in AI governance
  • Where governance fits in the progression of AI maturity
  • How AI governance and model interpretability intersect
  • Why organizations must bring risk managers and data scientists together

Why Attend

AI governance helps assure that AI outputs are aligned with an organization’s true intentions and its desired impact on end-stakeholders, be they internal or external. Done right, governance will address not just a model’s statistical accuracy but also help vet the training data and determine testing criteria and have re-use potential. Collaboration is key as well: data scientists and business teams have to be involved in the governance process, and their expertise must be captured in the governed models.

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Marketing Got Complicated Free white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks

How do you prioritize when you have tighter budgets and smaller teams – but contend with the same number of marketing technologies – as your enterprise counterparts? Simplify!

DNN recently surveyed 300 marketing executives at mid-sized US companies, and found they are performing a juggling act like no other.

  • 70% say marketing is more difficult despite the availability of marketing technology solutions designed to simplify their work
  • 53% use five or more marketing technology solutions, and 15% use ten or more.

Download the research now to compare your challenges to your peers and learn ways to simplify the complexity in marketing!

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