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Is Your Company Throwing Away Its Future?

In the case of most businesses who have paid attention and implemented online marketing strategies you will be getting site visitors. These visitors could be on your site at anytime, from the evenings to the weekends. Most website contain calls to action, usually either a phone number, online form or an instant messenger service. But what happens with stored voicemails or messages via the form or an offline chat feature. did some in-depth research into what companies did with these leads that could potentially turn into new clients. Very surprisingly 53% of top companies don’t respond to these potential clients at all.

This is startling, firstly because inbound leads convert the highest as they are trying to contact you. The research also showed that if a lead was contacted within 5 mins versus 30 minutes, businesses have a 100 x chance at contacting the lead and 21 x the rate of closing that lead. There are a few solutions to these issues and let’s face it, in a tough economy no business can afford to ignore new customers. The first solution is to have your email leads and IM leads be stored within a CMS that is checked daily. Using a CMS means you can customize notifications and change the status of incoming leads. Another great way is call trigger each time a lead is generated.

It works by activating a call trigger each time a user submits a form. A sales rep will then receive a call whisper notifying them of the leads name, phone number and other important details. Contacting them within the 5 minute window will surely increase chances of a conversion. Of course it depends on the type of conversion you are trying to achieve, a content download will probably not require a trigger, however a sales enquiry certainly should be contacted immediately.

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