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Client Acquisition: How We Deliver Results

Lead Generation

Creating effective marketing and lead generation campaigns can be challenging, confusing and time consuming.  Over the years we have studied different strategies and channels to determine the best source of marketing for businesses.  We then analyzed this data to come up with a platform to deliver targeted and filtered leads to businesses based on the goals and growth.  Instead of driving clicks to a website we decided to take an approach the works with your business based on these goals.  Through this we have created a few core components on how we achieve our results and approach the creation of your campaign.

The approach

When creating a marketing campaign we work with you to analyze the goals of your business and what type of customers you are looking for, this is known as a filter set.  A filter set is comprised of a specific list of filters that determine the value, quality and legitimacy of a lead.  If a lead does not meet the filter sets, we will filter this out.  We then analyze your business and goals to determine the approach we should take with your campaign, this is known as the who, what, when, where and how, also known as targeting.  By creating a filter set and then creating a campaign towards the target market, we are able to provide results and conversions.

How We Filter and Target Leads

  • Identify key measures of what you consider a lead
  • Identify and define the objective of the campaign, keeping it realistic.
  • Understanding the prospect profile and segment based on the needs of your business.
  • Understand the buying cycles of each prospect and determine what and how to move them through the phases.
  • Maximize branding and keep branding and message engaging to take action.
  • Develop corresponding messages that correlate the overall goal of your business.
  • Implement small manageable campaigns, measure results and refine and expand.

The Results

By effectively creating and implementing the correct filter sets and targeting we are able to deliver the leads that you want as a business.  Once a lead meets the specified targeting and filter sets, they will be delivered directly over to your business.  This strategy has proven to be effective amongst many businesses, such as Coscto Finance, Access Line, Lending Tree and more.  To view our case studies, visit here.

This is the approach we take when creating email campaigns for our clients.  If you would like to learn more, contact us today.

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