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You’re sitting on the beach, listening to the gentle roll of the ocean waves, and you feel the fine sand in between your toes.

Right as the sun sets, you sip your Mai Tai thinking about how amazing your experience has been since launching your Bug Bounty Program: after a seamless launch, you are receiving very useful bug submissions that your prior efforts never found, your engineering team is now able to secure your systems faster and cheaper than ever before, and you just launched a competitive bounty challenge for your top hackers.

Ahhhh, now doesn’t that sound nice? Cheekiness aside, all of this can be achieved by a well-executed bug bounty program. (As far as the Mai Tai goes, you’re on your own.)

In fact, the median time to receiving a vulnerability report from launching a program is less than 9 hours! You will get a great volume of actionable, unique reports at a fraction of the pen testing budgets of yesteryear.

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