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Are you a direct mail company looking to expand your client base?  Our unique service matches potential businesses based off of their interest in direct mail and marketing solutions.  Offering a powerful and comprehensive way to drive new customers to your business by using a proven system of marketing solutions that will grow your client base, we will provide you with pre-filtered information such as business name, industry, current marketing efforts, interested marketing efforts, and any details necessary.  We research the competitors and learn what businesses are looking for in a direct mail company when designing your campaign.

“Largest source on targeted and filtered leads for Lending Tree’s mortgage division.”

We are one of the first online marketing companies to offer a pay per performance model at a fixed rate.  We can do this because we have many years of statistics on the industries that we have worked within.  This has given us a competitive edge, because we put our own money behind our campaigns and absorb all the set up costs it’s in our interest to drive down the cost whilst never sacrificing quality.

• No hidden costs
• Marketing mix works together to drive higher value leads
• Pay for performance
• No upfront development costs
• Real time posting into your own CRM
• Live call transfers in house


Phone:855-400-8202 a division of PMHL
United States
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