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Content made for website users not for search engines, interesting, engaging & original!

Written For Users, Not Search Engines

Content marketing is utilizing content to engage an audience and compel them toward business objectives, analytics can then precisely track the success of that content. Great content should be geared towards the intended audience speaking to their needs and interests.  Take it a step further and relevance means showing them the right content at the right time. While it is tempting to create content directed only to a preferred segment like the people ready to buy or inquire, businesses often forget those that can be cultivated to one day become a valued customer.  The beginning of the sales cycle is often education and well written, week laid out content is perfect for education.   Content needs to be engaging with the audience, be up to date, original and unbiased.   Here are some of the ways we use content to your advantage.

Onsite SEO

When optimizing for search engines, we focus on keywords of high relevancy and add them into the alt tags to pictures, titles and more. We will also ensure there are internal links if content is to drive the user to another section of the site and optimize headers and content for the relevant terms. This is a very important process as this is not just about search engines it is about the overall relevancy to the targeted user and keeping them engaged.

Website Content

As we write compelling website content we also take into account the SEO tags that help search engines to find your pages. Once they are there we can use content to provoke the users interest and lead them into a conversion. Providing internal links to other pages that will help in the end goal. Our goal is to ensure a user gets the information they are looking for to ensure they can make an informed decision and move forward with their buying experience.

Social Media Management

One key element in the online world today is interacting with your current and potential customer base via social media. We are here to help and part of our content creation is to work with you and create compelling and engaging content on social media sites. The content does not have to be promotional, it could be about something new in your vertical, news about products, sweepstakes and more.


Writing articles is very similar to social media posts in the sense that it needs to be compelling and engaging. The more a user becomes engaged with content the more shares, likes and discussions you will get with this content. That is why we take a similar approach with articles, press releases, and social media.

Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to create new and engaging content for users and get them excited about new products, changes in the marketplace and more. This content is geared towards conveying this information to users and allowing them to engage and take action. We will work with you on upcoming promotions, products, services and more.


Content made for website users not for search engines, interesting, engaging & original!



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