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We can manage you affiliate campaigns to find you the right publishers to promote your business!

Phoenix Affiliate Management

Affiliates are other websites that promote your businesses products and services. This can be done through the content or a banner placement on their site. Then each time a person exits their site and completes a transaction on your site, a cookie notifies your admin to pay them an agreed commission. Affiliate marketing seems to work well for branded, well established products and innovated consumer products. As you pay only on a conversion, your business also gets free online exposure if you are banner advertising.

The first step is we will identify the affiliate partners and commissions for the proper channels for your business. Then we need to create the banners, landing pages or text ads for your campaign. Then we will need access to your ftp to place pixel tracking on the site to track conversions from affiliate channels.

Internal landing pages will be designed by our creative team. In addition, all campaigns will have CPA detective placed on the landers to ensure highest quality of service and lead flow. We will test different variations of banners, ad copy, etc. Once testing is complete, we will refine around the highest converting ones and make changes as needed.

These campaigns will be reviewed daily internally and monthly with the client to cover leads, lead flow, and any other important items.

Our Process

  • Research and identify the affiliate networks and partners that is right for your offer
  • Set up and negotiate pricing with the affiliates
  • Create landing pages, banners, and text ads to provide to the affiliates
  • Pixel tracking will be placed on the creative and the landing page
  • Finally we test the creative variations to get you the highest conversion


We can manage you affiliate campaigns to find you the right publishers to promote your business!



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