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We are much more then an SEM company, we use the right mix of online marketing channels that are known to work for your industry. These channels work together in harmony to amplify your results.

For Clients That Need A Little Extra!

pmhtec doesn’t just provide a pay for performance model, we understand that some clients also need custom services. These are useful when a client also wants to build their own core business in-house.

Our Team

The team at pmhtec comes from a wide variety of digital and marketing backgrounds. Many of them are from digital agencies and specialists within the SEM and online advertising arena. We found when we put all these people together the synergy value from their combined knowledge can help more or less any type of business to succeed online.

This makes for an interesting group of web designers and developers, creative content writers, SEO and PPC online marketers who not only are experts in their fields but have had their own online businesses that gives them a unique insight and hands on experience that allows them to see what works and what doesn’t work.

Our Platform

Unlike traditional SEM companies, we re-invested our profits back into creating a platforms that work across industries and with different sizes of company.  We can capture the right consumer for your business at correct stages in the buying cycle.

From years of collated data we learnt that traffic didn’t simply convert into high value leads.  That traffic had to be nurtured in it’s different stages.  We call this buying process the sales funnel.  Often a buyer will first seek education on an industry, then compare and review options before making a final decision.  We target and offer them what they need at every stage of  this journey which will eventually lead to you the business.  We have over time acquired or developed the sites along the journey for industries we work most often in.  This gives us the unique ability to provide targeted, filtered and qualified leads at an industry

Our Technologies

We don’t rely on third parties for our infrastructure; we found that using third party technology or out of the box solutions often left us with less then perfect solutions.  So we set out to build our own: cloud hosting, call center, CRM, email delivery clients, we have everything we need right here!



Unit 1202, 12/F,
Ruttonjee House, 11 Duddell Street,
Central, Hongkong

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