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Client Overview

As the concept of a traditional office becomes more and more of a thing of the past, many businesses are looking at ways to keep productivity going in and out of the office by looking at VoIP services like AccessLine.

This concept not only allows employees to stay connected to their projects but it also provides big savings on Business VoIP over traditional phone service.

The recipe for success for many businesses whether their employees are in the office, on the road, or working remotely is a good business VoIP service.

AccessLine has has over 20 years industry experience and over 100,000 satisfied business customers that save 50% or more over traditional phone plans and has amazing customer service that has a first call resolution track record.

The Brief

AccessLine has been pushing traffic to their VOIP business campaigns through their partnership as a premier Costco business service member, PPC and other online sources.

Our goal was simple to generate at least the same quality of lead and to increase lead volume at the same if not lower price.  The offer was very low monthly rates and individual promotions based on Costco business member levels, a 30 day money back guarantee with no setup fees or contracts.

It was easy to engage with potential business owners as they trusted the Costco brand and it’s partners.

The Activity

As our target market was anyone over the ages of 18 that was a business owner that either wanted to lower the telephone bill or were in need of business phone service, we opted to use the following tools for the marketing mix on the Costco Finance campaign.

  • PPC display and search and advertising on consumer sites
  • Affiliate marketing on business service related sites
  • Email marketing campaign to new and existing businesses
  • Web development to create micro-site that we could then use SEO to send traffic too
  • SEO on both the client and our own micro sites
  • Banner creation for use in display advertising

The Result

The campaign achieved even better results then we had anticipated.

  • Achieved a 10% reduction in cost per lead and higher quality through affiliate and online channels
  • Our traffic actually converted 20% higher then Costco & AccessLine established lead sources
  • We are now the primary source of leads for AccessLine.

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