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With our own proprietary technologies we can ensure not only targeted, filtered and qualified leads. But also to offer a full spectrum of marketing & development services to our clients.

Our Technologies

Improved Lead Quality

We didn’t just set out to deliver leads cheaper then everyone else, we also wanted to make sure that the lead was of the highest possible quality. After all a good lead often turns into extra business for our clients, which in turn increases our repeat business. So we looked at all the factors that affected lead quality and worked on all of them, we think you will be happy with the results. We realize that lead quality can never be 100% perfect, but we are always doing our best to get there.

  • Targeting

More or less every business has a primary target market, they often profile high value existing customers to see what characteristics a good lead would have. This can include geographic location, gender, interest, socio demographic groups and more. We look at these attributes and use our technology to find the right source of leads for your business.

  • Filtering

Clients that opt for our pay for performance model pay a fixed price per lead. So they let us know exactly what their minimum requirements are for a lead, in order for their marketing ROI to be great. These filters can range from requirements for a minimum spend to a lead being a new homeowner. We then set these filters up on their form.

  • Validation

This is when we look at the form data that users are submitting. We make sure the data matches the required fields, for example a US phone number must be a certain amount of numeric characters or an email must contain an @ sign. We then provide notifications whilst a user is completing a form prompting them to enter the information correctly. This has helped us drastically reduce both human error and bogus data submission.

  • Verification

Verification takes validation a step further. It’s more then just checking the format of data fields, it’s about physically checking phone numbers and verifying that emails actually exist. That wasn’t enough for us so we wen’t a step further and introduced our own lead detective software. This software checks our leads against databases to check for bogus leads.

  • Conversion Optimization

We don’t just make sure we increase targeted traffic to your website, we make sure it converts at the best possible rate. So we use a mixture of analytics tools, heat maps, AB testing and scroll maps to make sure that the layout and content is at it’s most optimal to convert as much of the targeted traffic into real customers as possible.

Our Infrastructure

As pmhtec has expanded over the years, we get asked by trusted clients for other services that relate to what we do. We used to outsource these services to closely-vetted third parties, but we realized that the quality was never quite as good as we wanted it to be. So we decided for essential services we wouldn’t rely on third parties. We then outlined all the technology required for us to provide our clients with ‘truly world class service’ and set to work.

So we have built our own:

  • Enterprise Level PBX (Private Branch Exchange)
  • Enterprise Level Dialers
  • Cloud Hosting Solutions
  • Enterprise Level E-mail Platform


Unit 1202, 12/F,
Ruttonjee House, 11 Duddell Street,
Central, Hongkong

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