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We are much more then an SEM company, our team has come from a wide variety of agency and entrepreneur backgrounds. There combined value helps us to offer a 'truly world class' marketing solution.

Our Team

In The Beginning

The team at pmhtec comes from a wide variety of digital and marketing backgrounds and was established so that they can contribute their combined knowledge into our platform. Many of them are from digital agencies and specialists within the SEM and online advertising arena. Once we had built these platforms, we only needed to maintain and routinely update them. This extra time gave us all the chance to come together and plan a more custom approach for companies that needed it.

Our Agency

We found when we put all these people together the combined value from their knowledge can help more or less any type of business to succeed online. This makes for an interesting group of web designers and developers, creative content writers, SEO and PPC online marketers who not only are experts in their fields but have had their own online businesses that gives them a unique insight and hands on experience that drives them towards success.



Unit 1202, 12/F,
Ruttonjee House, 11 Duddell Street,
Central, Hongkong

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