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We have continually re-invested in our platforms and joined or created networks that have helped us to achieve success for a wide-range of clients, from large local companies to Fortune 500 businesses.

Our Platform

Re-Investing Profits

From years of collated data we learned that traffic didn’t simply convert into high value leads.  That traffic had to be nurtured in it’s various stages.  We call this buying process the sales funnel.  Often a buyer will first seek education on an industry, then compare and review options before making a final decision.  We target and offer them what they need at every stage of this journey which will eventually lead to you the business.  This is called lead nurturing, we have over time acquired or developed the sites on the consumer buying journey for the several types of industry we work in.  These sites include news sites, comparison sites, reviews sites, RSS feeders and more. This gives us the unique ability to provide targeted, filtered and qualified leads at an industry beating price.

Unlike traditional SEM companies, we re-invested our profits back into creating a platforms that work across industries and with different sizes of client.  We can capture the right consumer for your business at correct stages in the buying cycle.

Our Network

We have also built up a wider network of publishers that meet our quality standards that help us to actively promote your business. This ranges from affiliates, data partners and external high-traffic websites that we run advertisements on. We have collected so much conversion data, that we now know which affiliates, partners and sites drive the best quality of leads.



Unit 1202, 12/F,
Ruttonjee House, 11 Duddell Street,
Central, Hongkong

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